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As a creative business we would like to give back to the community by passing on skills, knowledge and hope to others. We are doing this by offering a design programme to inspire young adults to get creative and possibly pursue a career in design. Everyone is welcome, unity is our ethos.

Creativity gives young people a positive way to express their feelings, thoughts, concerns and enjoy being present in the moment. Being creative is beneficial in improving and maintaining good mental health and is a powerful form of self expression.

Art & Design lends itself well to group work, particularly in community projects. By doing this we create a place for them to be part of a community. Becoming a part of something, feeling connected through team work creates a greater sense of belonging and achievement, it increases confidence and creates unity within communities.

The projects are designed around young people gaining new skills, boosting confidence and providing a positive image of self to give them a good foundation, showing them they can achieve.

AiR provides weekly group sessions (2 hours) that run for a period of 12 weeks. the course length/times can be adapted to suit the needs of attendees.

Our trainer is qualified with a BA (Hons) interior Design and has run a successful design business for over 4 years. She has lived experience of not achieving in the traditional education system and has also have lived experience of ACE's, addiction and mental health problems so can identify with others in similar situations and have compassion in these circumstances.