Art in Recovery (AiR) was born in the Summer of 2020, during the worldwide pandemic. When the world stopped, I (Gemma) hit rock bottom with my mental health and addiction. After reaching out to get help from various organisations, I am now in recovery and re-building my life.


AiR came to me as the most fitting name as, for the first time in many years, after reaching out for help and being honest about how unwell I was and that I was not coping, I could finally breathe again. I felt relieved that people had compassion and understanding, and wanted to help me get well. 

Using creativity, colour and powerful literature to distract myself from negative thoughts and feelings got me through difficult days, helping me find a new way to live. Working with colour and using colour in your home is a powerful way of improving your wellbeing and mental health. Using my interior design degree, love of colour and passion for literature I love to produce designs that are colourful, cheeky and fun to uplift your mood and make you smile.


Currently it is just me and my studio dog, Bugsy designing, printing and packaging your orders, but we hope to grow the business and give back by employing people in recovery, that have a love and passion for design, colour and above all, giving others hope.  


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A donation of our profits are made to charities supporting people in recovery from mental illness and addiction.